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Jan. 29th, 2009

(no subject)

So I haven't kept up with this, figures eh? lol

Well to keep you up to date with Nanowrimo, I finished it with flying colours. I wrote my 50 000 plus words in a month and a few weeks ago I got it printed out at the local Staples Business Depot. Starting next week is the grueling two months of editing. Then in April is Script Frenzy. Where screenwriters write a 100 page script in a month which is very simple if you know the formatting and what not.

To prepare myself for the entire editing process I have begun earlier this week to refresh my memory on grammar. Well okay basically teach myself grammar because all through school I really suck at it. I'm enjoying learning about it believe it or not lol. It has become more interesting to me than it did in school which I never thought would happen.

Last week, the family got a new car. 2009 Nissan Versa S Hatchback in Daytona Blue. I LOOOOVE this car so much. We named him Blueberry and we already have three stuffies in it. We have a tendency to decorate the inside of the car a bit.

Besides that I've been having a somewhat emotional week. I have come to the realization (and I probably have mentioned this before) that I'm just not happy with my life and every time I change it just a little bit, it all goes back to where it is now. I believe it's slowly becoming worse as I'm realizing how far away the majority of my friends are, the lack of even going out anymore and the unsatisfaction of the education part of my life along with where I'm living.

I'm a very independent person and it's beginning to drive me insane staying at home with the parents. I want to go live on my own but not solely on my own. I want to work at something that I am happy to wake up early in the morning for. Maybe I just want to be eternally happy and independent.

Enough of my rambles.....I'll just leave with saying that.

Oct. 13th, 2008

I'm the worst at blogging sometimes

Seriously I'm the worst at keeping these things up sometimes....I am blogging on another site about my writing career which is doing better than this one about my life haha....

Another month of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is about to being in November and I am just WAY too excited about starting it. This will be my fourth year straight I'll be doing Nano and I'm just as determined to finish the goal of 50 000 words in one month! Last year I finished and fell in love with my novel so much that I'm working my tail off to finish, edit and hopefully publish it in the near future.

On top of that I'm in the middle of a week long online Writer's Conference which is fun thus far. Then next week I'm hoping to go to the Writer's Festival with any friend who's willing to go as long as I get my free passes (crosses fingers). So that's my writing life for the next month and a half.

So besides that the only thing left to talk about are the weird dreams I've been having lately. It's been involving random people as career people. Okay let me explain. Some of my friends in my dreams are in business suits and are owners or highly paid business people. It makes me chuckle in a way and makes me think why in the world am I dreaming this.

Anyway have a great week! Until next time...whenever that might be

May. 29th, 2008

Rising Prices

I am about to turn 20 in a few months and I have been ridiculed by many friends about how I still live at home with my parents. Last night I was watching the news and some sort of predictors are predicting that the gas prices are going to go up to about $1.40 a litre (i have no idea how much that is per gallon) by the end of summer. On top of that, bus passes are going up, taxis prices are going way up, food prices are going up, train prices are going up, plane prices are going up, and selling a house is impossible it's just crazy out there. Some one like me would have a hell of a time moving out with all those high prices especially since I do not have a whole lot of money to spend on all of these things. I feel sorry for the families who were just getting by with their small incomes to be hit with even higher prices. I am soooooo glad I decided to stay home as I know I probably would've been moving back with my parents if I moved out before. My parents never have rushed me to move out, they don't expect me to pay rent for my room. They encourage me to save all of money as much as I can and to just help out around the house as much as I can which I try to do. I'm very content here and I am glad I do not have to face the challenges of trying to afford everything now. 

What do you think about all the high prices?

Apr. 19th, 2008


So first I just realized I really need to change my avatar. I am the worst at making my own avatars so maybe I'll hit up Ash for one since I just read on her LJ that she has a nice new fancy Photoshop program (hint hint nudge nudge to Ash). To be honest I think Ash is the only one who ever reads my posts lol. I'm pretty bad at the whole Live Journal thing still. Everytime I learn how to get around and use things on this site, they change it on me. They make my life difficult!

Okay so I'm in the middle of doing Script Frenzy (write a 100 page script in a month) and well I'm sucking right now. I will somehow finish. I'm writing a script I barely had time to prepare which is making my writing progress a little hard. Right after I'm done this I'm going to work on an episode of CSI the original as I have a great idea for an episode after I watched my favourite episode of it. It's called "Gravedigger" I believe. It's when Nick Stokes gets kidnapped and is then buried alive and the CSI team has to try to find him. Great episode that was.

Today was a gorgeous day out. The family and I went out, played basketball, went for a walk to the park, had ice cream etc. I'm pretty sore right now from all the physical activities I've done in the past 3 days. All that "exercise" is already starting to show on my legs THANK GOD! lol. 

I've been contemplating a lot lately as I have quite a bit of free time in my life. I've realized that I have the strongest urge to move extremely far away. I do think of ideas a lot and most of the time I never go through with them as plans always change. This time I caught myself looking at costs of apartments, travel costs, how long it will take me to learn the language etc. I've been feeling as if an extremely heavy weight is holding me down and I'm just starting to be strong enough to lift that weight over my head and throw it into the water. I guess why I haven't moved yet is because I'm afraid to drown. I'm afraid of too much to be honest. I have seen many of my friends struggle with monthly rent, I've seen friends live on the streets, and I've seen friends become mal nourished because they couldn't afford proper food. 

I don't want this for myself and it does motivate me to go out there and do better. In the end I am the weirdest person I know. I don't like "normal" jobs such as working at fast food restaurants, office jobs, cashiers etc. I like these unique jobs like being a screenwriter. In the end however, I think what's holding me back the most besides my family are the few close friends that remain in my life. I hate being alone with no friends and I've struggled with not being able to see or communicate with my old high school friends for the past few years.

Onto a more happier note in exactly 4 months to this day (Today is April 19) I'LL BE TURNING 20 YAY. Okies I'm done rambling.


Mar. 5th, 2008

Stuff on my mind

 So I like to vent and I'm going to vent right here right now because, well I want to.

I read an article on some site about a marine throwing a puppy over a cliff in Iraq. I guess the video has been posted and seen all through Youtube.com. Just to note, it is still unknown if the video is a fake or not.

If it is not fake all I can say is that *bleep* ing son of a *bleep*. I want to *bleep* ing choke the *beep* and then hit him over the head multiple times with a *bleep* ing frying pan. I cannot believe someone would be so cruel to take a random dog and throw it over the cliff just for a gag. How would he like it if someone took him and threw him over the cliff, video tape the whole thing while the person who threw you over was laughing over it. How dare they do that to a poor innocent dog. That dog is a living thing just like you or me. It did not hurt anyone or even did anything and did not deserve that.

If this was a fake well then *bleep* ing *bleep*. There will be a day when something will happen to that man for doing that. I treat the people in the military with a great deal of respect but when I see something like this happen fake or not, I can't help but be sick over the fact that, that man is a militant. That makes me sick and I have no respect for a piece of *beep* like that.

I would continue on but I think I will eventually start running in circles and too many bleeps might come out of my mouth. I did want to mention some things about the democratic election that's been happening but lately I've been talking to a few friends over that and realized it's such a touchy topic that'll I'll just leave it at GO CLINTON GO OBAMA!

So I think that was all on my mind so far. I'll post when I wanna vent again hehe

Feb. 22nd, 2008

My Day: Tired, Happy, Depressed, Proud

 I have surprised myself yet again today. Today was not an overly great day for me. See it went like this. I woke up extra early today to drop off my brother at school for a school trip he went on. (I wish we were able to go skiing in elementary) I then went to placement where eventually my teacher came and visited me. Well long story short my placement has been terminated as I'm not confidant enough and I lack initiative with the children. It bothered me quite a lot until I talked to my friend online about the whole ordeal. You know you have a great friend like flash502 when you are able to talk to her at any point in time about anything and she's there with arms wide open and makes everything alright. Well after about an hour of talking with her, I realized that this whole course was just not for me and I quit college. I am relieved now that I did that and am already ready to move onto something I know I want to do. See before choosing Early Childhood Education I really wanted to be involved in Music but really didn't have the chance to do so, so I rushed into doing the E.C.E course. I regret doing that course and I should've stuck with my gut feeling with music and or writing. So now I'm hoping to put my two passions, music and writing, together and either try to become a lyricist, a muscian, music producer etc.

So here's a toast to me for doing something for myself for once and being proud of what I did!

Jan. 23rd, 2008

January 23 2008

There is two more flipping days until the MICHAEL BUBLE CONCERT coming to a nearby city!! I'm sooooo excited about going to this concert too. I have pretty good tickets and I will most likely take tons of pictures which if I think about it, I'll put up on livejournal. 

I have basically a week left until I start doing placement at a daycare full time. That's going to kill me for sure but I'm very ready for it. I just can't wait until I'm done college once and for all and then I can start my life. I find this winter has taken it's toll on me. When it's really really cold out I don't go outside as after about a minute of being outside, I normally shiver like there's no tomorrow. I hate being cold, and I feel so icky when I'm cold. So basically all winter I've been staying inside. I'm surprised I'm not sick yet....Thank Goodness for the flu shot.

The great thing about staying inside for the majority of the winter is that I have plenty of time to write. Lately, however, I've been stuck on my novel and I have no clue how to get out of my deep dark lonely whole which is also called Writer's Block. It's the most evil two words in the world for a writer! i've wrote all the way to where my main character's girlfriend is kidnapped but now I have no clue what should come next. I think what I'm going to do to get some ideas and motivation is to go people watching. Basically you go to a store walk around and just keep an ear open for what people say to each other, how they walk, what they look etc. It's a great way how to create characters but you gotta be suddle or people will think you're stalking them. Another great people watch ordeal is just going to a local chapters and sitting at starbucks, sipping on coffee (for me hot chocolate as I can't stand coffee) and just watch people go by. It might be creepy but it works. I also watch a lot of movies that relate to the type of story I'm writing about to help me find ideas and I also read a lot of articles in the newspapers or watch the news on the t.v. I've been finding watching the videos, the news and reading novels hasn't been helping me much so I'm hoping the people watch will help.

I read on tmz.com about Heath Leger's death. I received and email from muchmusic about it and I was udderly shocked by the news. I just can't believe an actor so talented like he was is gone. My thoughts are with his family, especially his two year old daughter Matilda, during this time. Words just cannot express how shocked and how sad I am over this.

Jan. 18th, 2008

January 18 2008

The new year is upon us and resolutions are being attempted to finish by the end of this year. I just realize how long ago I wrote on here. The time really does go by fast these days. So yes I have finally started one of my last semesters of school. I have to do four placements with different aged children until about June or July and then I'll be completely finished with that college course. I'm thinking about entering a writing school while working at a daycare. One of my main resolutions this year is to publish something. Hopefully more of my novel I'm working on, but if I publish something else then that's all fine and dandy too. 

I was watching a few of my favourite shows and I'm finding the majority of them are talking about getting fit no matter what size you are. So I actually decided to start working out a bit at home. I don't need to loose weight, believe me that would kill me if I did, but I need to get into shape as I was having a hard time walking anywhere for awhile. I like to exercise because it's a lot of fun. It's the after effects that I hate. Like today, my arms feel like the tension they get after being given a flu shot. My knees are on fire, but then again they're always in pain as I have the crappiest knees. My thighs feel like they've been stretched beyond imagine and my calves feel bruised but they're not. 

Another resolution of mine is to finish planning a cross country trip to Vancouver British Columbia. I love to drive so much and it never bothered me at all when I have drove very far. My friend and I are hopefully going to go next summer if we plan it well enough and hopefully we'll be able to camp our way there because camping is just too much fun! 

Anyway I'm off, more school work to do!

Sep. 17th, 2007

Fav Songs that begin with 'T'

Okay so I was reading my buddy's journal...aka Ashley....and she had I guess you call it a meme thing about having a list of your fav songs that begin with a certain letter that is given to you. Well boys and girls, my letter is T!!! So here is my fab tabulous list of Fav T Songs in no particular order:

1. Tears on my Guitar by Taylor Swift
2. To Be Loved by Papa Roach
3. Tonight I wanna Cry by Keith Urban
4. Tu T'en Fous by Marie-Mai
5.  Trapt Dooe by One Republic
6. Tyrant by One Republic
7. Try a Little Tenderness by Michael Buble
8. The Littlest Things Give you Away by Linkin Park
9. Teenage Dirt Bag by Wheetus
10.  Till You by Ambush

hmm....not bad of a list......okies enjoy!

Aug. 19th, 2007


*sings* Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday tooooo meeeeee Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Yay it's ma birthday today and I'm all excited to do things with the family. I'm turning 19 today. It's my golden year woot woot and what a golden year it will be. I get to do anything now such as casinos, drink, well i already could vote and what not...but still i'm all happy. *does a dance*

Okay that's all I have to say for today have a wonderful day to whomever is reading this!

Sincerely Mindy

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